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    A New Card, Perfect for the Everyday

    AMEX, A new card perfect for the everyday

    This post is sponsored by American Express So, we did it. My wife and I furthered our journey into adulthood by getting a new credit card. BUT, before all of the Dave Ramsey-ites get up in a tizzy, we did it for a couple reasons. Reason one: We were looking for another credit card to open. Why? We have been doing great with our credit score in pretty much all areas but…

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  • dreaming on pluto pillow

    Dreaming on Pluto

    Alright. Back to the topic we all love. Sleep. As a parent, it’s one of the most sacred things you possess. Sleep is your…

  • A Perfect Gift for Mom This Mothers Day

    A Perfect Gift for Mom: Luhvee

    So, I don’t know about you guys… but holidays that involve gift giving are particularly tough for me. Everytime another one comes around I…

  • Sleepin on Cloud 8

    Sleepin on Cloud 8

    Alright… we did it. We joined the “mattress in a box” movement. My big booty (and sympathy pregnancy weight) had created a nice little…

  • New Year Resolution Goals
    How To

    You’ve Already Failed at This…

      You probably already knew what I was talking about with the “click-baity” title. But, in case you didn’t pick it up, I’m talking…

  • Staying Safe this Halloween
    How To

    Halloween Safety

      HALLOWEEN IS ALMOST HERE! And that usually brings about two types of people. You have those that are totally amped:   And those…

  • Fifty Fun Fall Festivities

    Fifty Fun Family Fall Festivities

    As Autumn arrives, so does the cooler weather, jackets, pumpkins, pies, and apple spice. All of these combined (with the fact that Christmas is…