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Hell Week

Hell Week – An Eli Story (Part 4)

(continued from “Double Birthday!”) After my brief 10 minutes with Eli, the nurses cleared me from the NICU.  After I left, they prepped him for transfer…

Double Birthday

Double Birthday – Eli Story (Part 3)

(continued from “A Broken Heart”) So it’s September 14, which means, it’s Melanie’s Birthday!! But, it also means, it’s the day we head to the hospital…

Life of A Dad Year One

Life of a Dad: Year One

A few days ago, my son turned one! And thereby, by default, I have been a dad now for a full year. YES! I did it.…

A Broken Heart - Eli Story (Part 2) Boy with congenital heart disease.

A Broken Heart – Eli Story (Part 2)

(continued from “Becoming a Dad”) So there we were. A couple months along into my wife’s pregnancy (mind you this is pregnancy numero uno for our…

So You Wanna Start a Blog

So You Wanna Start a Blog… Why??

Alright, let’s be real here. Everyone and their dog wants to start a blog, has started a blog, or doesn’t give a flying rat’s hairy cheeks…

Introduction to The Hey Dude Dad

A Little Intro to… The Hey Dude Dad

HEY! Everyone. Welcome. The name’s Andrew (A-N-D-R-E-W). Nice to meet you. And welcome to my little space of real estate on the interwebs. It’s going to…