Best Cyber Monday Deals for Parents

cyber monday deals

So the time of the turkey and giving thanks has almost arrived! And for all those sales conscious anti-procrastinators, it’s the best time for Christmas shopping. (I’ll avoid any references to the “commercialization” of the holidays in this post, because, let’s be real, gift giving is a love language and it makes you feel good. So there. Give away my friends.)

So, in an effort to help you find some of the best deals and top toys, I have put together a list of some awesome Black Friday Deals for Parents!

Older Kids:

1.The Fidget Cube ($6)

They say that the fidget spinner doesn’t actually help with kids focusing in classes. But this does? Regardless… I’m not sure, but kids love these little things.

2. Anki Cozmo Robot ($140, save $30)

3. GoolRC FPV Drone with Wifi Camera ($54, save $26)
Drones are rad. Period.

4. Nerf Rival Nemesis

5. Classic Lego Set ($27, save $8)
This made the list because these things fuel children’s imagination and creativity (while also causing extreme parental foot pain).

Younger Kids:
1. Wood Activity Play Center ($105, save $45)
Fun blocks and little sensory activities for the little ones!


2. Jurassic World Costume ($38)
In case you didn’t have one already… 

3.Rainbow Stacking Rings ($8, save $4)
Total classic for the munchkins. And for the occasional bored parent.

4. Pipe and Joint Construction Set ($20, save $15)
I remember playing with these types of toys for hours. Endless combinations and endless possibilities to fuel your child’s “wildest” dreams.

5. Green Toys Cupcake Set ($16, save $10)
Threw this one on the list for the little princesses out there and for the parents that love what Green Toys is all about.

1. Amazon Echo Dot ($$30, save $20)
Great for listening to audio books or podcasts around the house or connecting with smart home utilities!

2. Fire TV Stick ($25, save $15)
For all your movie nights and Netflix binge-ing!

3. Hoover Carpet Cleaner ($100, save $120)
I don’t know if your kids make a mess… but in case they do, this is a sweet deal you won’t want to miss.

4. Kindle ($50, save $30)
Classic gift for any of your reader friends and family.

5. Amazon Echo ($80: Save $20)
Because “Voice” is the future and robots will run the universe, here’s a pretty cool helpful tool that can make simple tasks around the house easy. Sweet for jamming to music too!

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