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A Broken Heart - Eli Story (Part 2) Boy with congenital heart disease.

A Broken Heart – Eli Story (Part 2)

(continued from “Becoming a Dad”) So there we were. A couple months along into my wife’s pregnancy (mind you this is pregnancy numero uno for our…

How To change a baby boy's diaper new
How To

How to Change a Baby Boy’s Diaper

The process you think might be pretty simple. But, let’s be real here. Not every diaper change is a breeze. (But you better hope there’s a…

So You Wanna Start a Blog

So You Wanna Start a Blog… Why??

Alright, let’s be real here. Everyone and their dog wants to start a blog, has started a blog, or doesn’t give a flying rat’s hairy cheeks…

Introduction to The Hey Dude Dad

A Little Intro to… The Hey Dude Dad

HEY! Everyone. Welcome. The name’s Andrew (A-N-D-R-E-W). Nice to meet you. And welcome to my little space of real estate on the interwebs. It’s going to…